Construction Supervision in Accordance with Spatial Planning Act

We provide effective construction supervision that includes the following key services:

  1. Construction supervision in accordance with spatial planning act: Our specialists ensure strict construction supervision, ensuring compliance with all requirements of the Spatial Planning Act.

  2. Safety and health coordinator for the construction phase: For your safety and confidence, we provide a professional coordinator overseeing safety and health during construction.

  3. Preparation of technical passport: Our experts prepare a detailed technical passport, including all necessary data for the successful completion of the project.

  4. Surveying and registration in the cadastre of construction: A licensed professional takes care of surveying and proper registration in the cadastre of the construction, in accordance with the requirements of the Cadastre and Property Relations Act.

With us, you not only get construction supervision but also a comprehensive solution guaranteeing the success of your construction project.

Engineerik Ltd also offers comprehensive engineering solutions that encompass various aspects of construction, including services related to FIDIC standards – the International Federation of Consulting Engineers.


FIDIC Engineer: Our team of experienced engineers in the field of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) provides professional consultations and services. The FIDIC engineers at Engineerik Ltd specialize in the management of infrastructure projects, adhering to the standards and requirements of this international engineering code.

Contract Management: FIDIC engineers take care of the professional management of contracts, ensuring transparency and compliance with specified criteria.

Technical Expertise: Our engineers provide technical expertise, ensuring a high standard of quality and compliance with FIDIC requirements.

Dispute Resolution: The specialized team at Engineerik Ltd provides efficient and prompt solutions in case of disputes, in accordance with the principles of FIDIC.

  • With Engineerik Ltd, you not only get a guarantee for construction supervision but also an integrated approach that includes FIDIC engineering services. We are here to ensure the successful completion of your construction project, adhering to the highest standards in the engineering field.

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