Our Services

Consult & Design

Our experience covers the design of complex processes including all phases, stages and parts of an investment projects – spatial planning, engineering design for all necessary parts through a detailed feasibility study, followed by collecting the necessary source data, analysis of the objectives set, preparation of a contract with the Investor, preparation of projects for all necessary design parts, such as: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage, HVAC, Geodesy, Geology, Fire Safety, Plan for Safety and Health, Landscaping, Waste Management Project, etc.

We at ENGINEERING can help you both with the design of new facilities and with the modernization of existing ones.

Asset Management

Developing the exact methodology for asset management is a way to target the points in the system where spending is crucial to manage risks associated with potential asset failures – thereby optimizing spending to keep the system working reliably and customers satisfied.