Maintaining and upgrading infrastructure often requires proper planning and cost-effective implementation, on the basis of which high efficiency can be achieved in the enterprise. ENGINEERIK’s multidisciplinary and flexible approach allows us to introduce the right socio-economic, environmental and technical solutions for different industries.

We prefers to act as a leading consultant taking responsibility for the design process from concept development, with the help of our technologists, to the design work including all the necessary parts according to the project needs.

Our development strategy includes major industries such as:

•   Agriculture
•   Mining and metallurgy
•   Metals
•   Chemical and pharmaceutical
•   Food and drinks
•   Micro electronics and machine tools
•   Oil industry
•   Energy


We can offer you design with:

  • Autodesk technologies – REVIT and AdvanceSteel;
  • Detailed BIM design of architecture, structures and installations;
  • Conducting static and dynamic calculations of reinforced concrete and steel structures;
  • Sizing complex nodes.

Our expertise covers the overall design parts of the building base, site and supply infrastructure (electricity, water and wastewater disposal), not limited to:

  • Silos / Warehouses with associated conveyor belts, bunkers, etc .;
  • Mill complexes with warehouse / s for finished products;
  • Steam generating installations;
  • Halls for agricultural implements;
  • Boiler rooms with biomass boilers and construction of biomass bunkers;
  • Enterprises for production of dried non-alcoholic grain residue;
  • Pellet storage facilities;
  • Silo with biofuel dryer;
  • Workshops for the textile industry – laundry and dyeing of clothing;
  • Feed businesses and cereal harvesting lines;
  • Bottling shops for alcoholic beverages;
  • Straw pelletizing installations;
  • Sunflower processing workshops
  • Plants for metal products;
  • Cylinder plants;
  • Energy management systems of food processing factories;
  • Air purification installations in the food industry;
  • Fire extinguishing systems for ethanol workshops and industrial buildings and halls;

In order to meet the needs of the drinking water company, we will design your installations for drinking water treatment:

  • Water clarification facilities;
  • Water filtration equipment;

Water disinfection facilities;

  • Facilities for:
    • Removal of iron and manganese;
    • Removal of organic impurities in water;
    • Removal of other specific elements;
    • Water softening;
    • Water stabilization;
  • Membrane water treatment facilities:
    • Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis;
  • Treatment of technological wastewater;

We offer solutions for the treatment of wastewater generated on the territory of industrial plants, without being limited to:

  • Processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables;
  • Milk processing;
  • Meat processing;
  • Sugar production;
  • Wine production;
  • Beer production;
  • Livestock;
  • Textile and leather production;
  • Pulp and paper processing;
  • Chemical processing;
  • Coal production;
  • Processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • Mechanical engineering and electrical industry;
  • Pharmaceutical production;

Depending on the specific technological specifics on the territory of the enterprise, we can offer you solutions for industrial wastewater treatment by any of the following methods and facilities:

  • Pre-treatment of waste water:
    • Averaging and Accumulation;
  • Mechanical wastewater treatment:
    • Strain;
    • Precipitation;
    • Filtering;
    • Use of hydrocyclones;
  • Biochemical purification with activated sludge:
    • with conventional biological reactors with preliminary, alternating (alternative) denitrification, intermittent (intermittent), post-denitrification;
    • with biological reactors with membrane modules to separate the activated sludge;
    • with biofilters; with long-term aeration;
    • with cycle bioreactor (SBR)
  • Chemical treatment of waste water:
    • Neutralization and Oxidation;
  • Physico-chemical treatment of wastewater:
    • Coagulation;
    • Flotation;
    • Sorption;

Ion exchange;

  • Extraction;
  • Evaporation;
  • Electrolysis;
  • Microfiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis;
  • Treatment of sludge formed by the purification process:
    • Sludge treatment containing organic matter; mineral substances; mineral and stable organic substances;
  • Disinfection of treated wastewater.
As part of the entire water and waste management cycle, we will offer solutions for reuse of treated wastewater and obtaining secondary energy resources for biomass treatment. 

We are also responsible for developing waste management programs and strategies generated in the process of production of the relevant raw materials, depending on their nature and specificity.