ENGINEERIK LTD signed a design contract for the Feasibility study phase of a local wasetwater treatment plant for a plastic recycling company.

On 11/02/2020 ENGINEERIK Ltd. has signed a contract for the preparation of a project in phase feasibility study for the object “Local waste water treatment plant for a recycling plastic company “.

The investment study will include the determination of weekly industrial wastewater flows and contaminants, the formation of the site of the enterprise and the preparation of technological solutions for the construction of a local waste water treatment plant (WWTP).

Following the start of the project preparation work, it is envisaged that the following introductory basic activities will be carried out in order to implement the project:

  • Surveying activities of the available source information in order to develop a technological scheme and variants of a treatment plant.
  • Assessing the existing documentation;
  • Assessing the mode of operation of the enterprise and the sites of wastewater formation;
  • Carrying out a monitoring program on the generated wastewater and pollution.

From the analyzes and monitoring carried out, the following will be prepared:

  • Preliminary technological calculations based on protocols of the Analyzes made;
  • Choice of technological scheme / technology for wastewater treatment, provided alternative solutions, jointly with the client.