ENGINEERIK Ltd. has completed the work on the development of conceptual solutions and technical design with project accounting documentation for the implementation of the Stage 37 project, Amilum Bulgarea EAD

At 07.10.2019 we have completed design work, which includes: development of conceptual designs and investment project in the phase of technical design with design accounting documentation for the implementation of the site: STAGE 37: “WATER SUPPLY, TANKS AND PUMPING STATION FOR THE FIRE SYSTEM, Amilum Bulgaria EAD.

With the realization of the investment intention (II), AMILUM BULGARIA EAD aims to expand its operations and add new products to its production range, which will lead to a significant increase in the daily capacity of processed maize.

The current project aims to provide water supply to the fire ring in the ethanol workshop area. Also provide the necessary fire fighting time according the regulations.

The design involves the development of technical solutions for:

  •   Earth bulk tank with reinforced concrete partition wall and suction pipe supports;
  •  Pumping station for fire-fighting purposes;
  •  Water supply network;
  • Vertical layout equipment, including a fire pit and / or truck crane;