ENGINEERIK LTD completes detail design project of separation and composting installation for regional waste management system in Blagoevgrad region

The investment project achieved national, regional and municipal goals for reducing the amount of landfilled waste. The construction and commissioning of the installation and the provision of separate collection of green and / or biodegradable municipal waste, as well as an installation for pre-treatment of municipal waste generated on the territory of the Blagoevgrad RWSD, will contribute to the achievement of Specific objective 1 of priority axis 2 OPE Waste 2014-2020 – “Reducing the amount of landfilled municipal waste”.

A common site and construction are planned for the construction of the two installations – an installation for composting green and / or biodegradable waste and an installation for pre-treatment of mixed municipal waste.

A common working design for both installations has been prepared. The site selection was made on the basis of a prepared analysis of the effectiveness of a centralized or decentralized approach for the construction of a waste management infrastructure of RWS Blagoevgrad, which is part of an approved feasibility study. The site selected on the basis of the analysis is within the boundaries of the newly developed regional waste management system in the Blagoevgrad region.

The installation building, together with the adjoining sites, is located next to the road, which greatly facilitates the connection with the planned site infrastructure.

The building housing the installations is three-storeyed. The plan is an elongated rectangle, oriented northeast – southwest along its long axis. The construction of the first two levels (at elevation -6.00 and elevation -12.00) is solid, reinforced concrete, and at the third level – metal. Due to the peculiarities of the terrain, the first two levels are partly dug in from the southwest and northwest. The layout of the building and the service areas is in accordance with the decisions contained in the feasibility study.