ENGINEERIK Ltd. has signed a contract for the detail designing of Separation and Composting installation in Blagoevgrad region

On 06/02/2019 we started work on the project “Design and construction of additional infrastructure (pre-treatment facility for municipal waste and composting installation for separately collected biodegradable and / or green waste) for the development of the regional waste management system of Blagoevgrad region, including the municipalities of Blagoevgrad, Boboshevo , Kocherinovo, Rila and Simitli. “

The composition of municipal waste of the RWMS Blagoevgrad for 2016 is calculated on the basis of the data on the amount of landfilled waste in the same year according to data from the municipalities and according to current morphological analyzes of the municipalities from the RWMS Blagoevgrad.
The morphology of the waste determines its quantity and composition. This information is intended to assist in assessing the implementation of the objectives set by the RWMS Blagoevgrad in terms of waste management.

The morphological analyzes of the composition and quantity of municipal waste generated on the territory of each of the municipalities of the RWMS Blagoevgrad were prepared according to the “Methodology for determining the morphological composition of municipal waste” approved by Order No. RD-744 / 29.09.2012 of the Minister of Environment and water.

Based on the cited current morphological analyzes, a detailed mass balance has been drawn up in accordance with Annex 12 of the “Application Guidelines” under procedure No. BG16M1OP002-2.002 “Combined procedure for design and construction of composting and pre-treatment plants for municipal waste” by priority axis 2 of Operational Program “Environment 2014-2020.” The detailed mass balance covers the period from 2016 to 2047.

The individual areas and proposed facilities will be dimensioned at a capacity of 24 117 tonnes / year for pre-treatment of municipal waste compared to the investment proposal accepted.

The prepared estimate for separately collected green waste shows that the projected annual capacity of the composting plant should be designed for 2 516 tonnes / year.