ENGINEERIK LTD has signed a contract for the preparation of a Technical design of Separation and Composting installation for RWMS in the region of Petrich

On 05/02/2019 we started work on the project “Design and Construction of Composting Installation for Separately Collected Green Waste and Installation for Pre-Treatment of Municipal Waste, Construction of Site Infrastructure and Delivery of Facilities to Installations in Petrich, Petrich Municipality “.

The location of the site includes a site on which the construction of the separation and composting installation is envisaged, Petrich, Petrich municipality, obl. Blagoevgrad with a durable use method – a landfill.

Site situation for the construction of a pre-treatment and composting plant

The individual areas and the proposed facilities will be designed with a capacity of 10 841 tonnes / year for pre-treatment of municipal waste. The site is sized at a site load of 30 tonnes per day and a working regime of 365 days per year. The installation will operate in single shift mode and an 8 hour shift day (7 hour effective working time).

The forecast for separately collected green waste on the territory of the municipality of Petrich is prepared with an annual capacity of the composting plant of 4150 t, which corresponds to the maximum annual amount of separately collected green waste in the period 2016-2045.

The purpose of the investment project is to achieve the national, regional and municipal goals for reducing the amount of landfilled municipal waste by providing additional capacity for pre-treatment of municipal waste generated on the territory of Petrich municipality. The construction and commissioning of a pre-treatment facility for municipal waste generated on the territory of Petrich Municipality will contribute to the achievement of Specific Objective 1 of Priority Axis 2 “Waste” of 2014-2020 – “Reducing the amount of municipal waste disposed of “.

The implementation of the measures under the procedure will help to achieve the national targets set in the Bulgarian legislation and in the National Waste Management Plan, to increase the share of recycled waste to at least 50% of the generated municipal waste by the end of 2020. The fulfillment of the obligation of Bulgaria as an EU Member State under Art. 6 of Directive 1999/31 / EC on the landfill of waste, for the adoption of measures, only landfill which has already been treated should be disposed of.

According to Art. 31 of the Law for Waste Management in each of the waste management regions, systems for separate collection, reuse, recycling and recovery of municipal waste should ensure at least the implementation of the following: by 31 December 2020 at the latest, limit the amount of landfilled biodegradable municipal waste waste up to 35 percent of the total amount of the same waste generated in the Republic of Bulgaria in 1995. Konov regulations. Achieving this goal allows municipalities to reduce the amount of landfill payments due.