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Consult & Design

Our key expertise covers process design, feasibility study, conceptual and detailed designing.
At ENGINEERIK we can help you with both designing of new facilities and with plant modernisation.

Asset Management

Developing the exact methodology for asset management is a way to target the points in the system where spending is crucial to manage risks associated with potential asset failures – thereby optimizing spending to keep the system working reliably and customers satisfied.

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Our management

Delivering high quality services is critical for improving the urban and industrial infrastructure. Our management is with main focus on quality excellence and effectiveness. We continuously enhance our standards, technology and train our people. 

Quality is at the heart of everything we do!

“We believe that cost is more important than quality but quality is best to reduce cost.”

Genichi Taguchi

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ENGINEERIK plan and design the urban and industrial infrastructure.

We do this by offering quality services in the field of consulting and designing and asset management.  ENGINEERIK as a leading engineering company is taking the challenge of sustainability seriously by reducing environmental footprint in parallel with operational and financial performance improvement.  

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